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I am the founder and owner of Subnet Labs LLC. Impact VPS is one of our VPS brands. Linux, virtualizaton and the internet amaze me and I enjoy learning new things every day about them.

How To Install Node.js On Ubuntu 16.04


What Is Node.js? Node.js is a software platform for Javascript that allows code for both the back end server and the front end client to be written in the same language. It is an excellent tool for putting together web applications, especially those that deal with real time data. In this guide we will show…

How To Setup Master-Slave Replication With MariaDB On Centos 7


Overview MariaDB is well known for being a drop in replacement for MySQL. It was a community fork of MySQL that has become default in Centos 7. In MariaDB master-slave replication the data that gets created on the master server, gets replicated in real time to the slaves. This allows you to create highly available…

How To Install cPanel On Centos 7


What Is cPanel? cPanel is the industry leading paid control panel for hosting websites and applications. It is most often seen and used at shared hosting providers and is excellent for selling shared hosting. The software allows many normally complex command line actions to be done with the click of a button. Initial Setup Before…

How To Backup And Restore MySQL With Mysqldump


What is Mysqldump? Mysqldump is an excellent tool for backing up the contents of your databases to a file. This file can then be moved around, stored offsite and and restored with ease. Backing Up MySQL Backup A Single Database To backup a single database you need to have the sql login for a user…

How To Install Go 1.6 On Ubuntu 16.04


What Is Go? Go is a newer modern programming language developed by Google. The popularity of the language has been increasing in recent times as companies have adopted the language for having a robust set of libraries, in addition to it being easy to build simple, reliable and efficient software. Installing Go While you may…

How To Install Fail2ban On Ubuntu 14.04


Introduction The internet is full of automated programs that attempt to break into unsecure servers. Because of this, you might have seen hundreds or thousands of failed login attempts in your system’s auth.log or from when you login to your server. Thankfully there is an easy way to put a stop to these brute force…

Getting Started With Your VDR (Virtual Dedicated Resources) Pool

  What Is A VDR? At Impact VPS, a VDR standards for Virtual Dedicated Resources. This is different from a standard virtual server in that we do not create the servers for you. Instead, we put all the resources that you have paid for into a resource pool. From that pool you can then dedicate…

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