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A collection of general information on CentOS Servers

How To Setup Master-Slave Replication With MariaDB On Centos 7


Overview MariaDB is well known for being a drop in replacement for MySQL. It was a community fork of MySQL that has become default in Centos 7. In MariaDB master-slave replication the data that gets created on the master server, gets replicated in real time to the slaves. This allows you to create highly available…

How To Install cPanel On Centos 7


What Is cPanel? cPanel is the industry leading paid control panel for hosting websites and applications. It is most often seen and used at shared hosting providers and is excellent for selling shared hosting. The software allows many normally complex command line actions to be done with the click of a button. Initial Setup Before…

How To Install cPanel on Centos 6


What is cPanel? cPanel is the industry standard for allowing you manage and administer your Linux server via a nice and convenient web GUI. The installation of this software allows you to do most complicated command line tasks with the click of a button. cPanel is a commercial software that has a monthly license fee…