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How To Backup And Restore MySQL With Mysqldump


What is Mysqldump? Mysqldump is an excellent tool for backing up the contents of your databases to a file. This file can then be moved around, stored offsite and and restored with ease. Backing Up MySQL Backup A Single Database To backup a single database you need to have the sql login for a user…

Getting Started With Your VDR (Virtual Dedicated Resources) Pool

  What Is A VDR? At Impact VPS, a VDR standards for Virtual Dedicated Resources. This is different from a standard virtual server in that we do not create the servers for you. Instead, we put all the resources that you have paid for into a resource pool. From that pool you can then dedicate…

How To Login To A VPS Using SSH and PuTTY On Windows


Overview For those new to having a VPS (Virtual Private Server), it can be a bit confusing starting out. One of the largest initial confusions is “How do I login?”. Many beginners come from shared hosting where a GUI panel is provided, often cPanel, where everything can be done with the click of a button.…