How To Install cPanel on Centos 6


What is cPanel?

cPanel is the industry standard for allowing you manage and administer your Linux server via a nice and convenient web GUI. The installation of this software allows you to do most complicated command line tasks with the click of a button. cPanel is a commercial software that has a monthly license fee for its use.

Install cPanel


Before we begin installing cPanel there are a few pieces of software we need to install first. Run the command

yum install screen wget nano perl -y

This will make sure all the required software is installed. Once you have done this we need to make sure the hostname of your server is setup. cPanel is very picky about this and will refuse to install if it is not set. Run the command

hostname <your domain here>

ex. (Can be used if you don’t have a domain)

Start Installation

The installation for cPanel is quite easy however it will take quite a long time to run. Keep in mind before you start the installer than cPanel must be installed on a fresh brand new OS and cannot be removed without reinstalling the OS of your machine.

To start the install and to make sure it continues to run in the background run the command


This opens a new terminal that will continue to run even if you disconnect. Now download the install file

wget -N

Then start the installer

sh latest

As mentioned before this install may run for hours before it is completed. From here we can close out of the screen using the controls ctrl + a + d. If you want to reconnect to the screen to check on the progress you can run the command

screen -r

Final Configuration

Once the install has completed you will be able to connect to cPanel by going to <your ip>:2086 in your web browser. It will look similar to You will be prompted for a login

Username: root
Password: <your root password>

You will be walked through a few final configuration steps and then logged into WHM to setup and manage your server as you choose.

cPanel is now fully installed


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