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A collection of general information on Ubuntu servers

How To Install Node.js On Ubuntu 16.04


What Is Node.js? Node.js is a software platform for Javascript that allows code for both the back end server and the front end client to be written in the same language. It is an excellent tool for putting together web applications, especially those that deal with real time data. In this guide we will show…

How To Install Go 1.6 On Ubuntu 16.04


What Is Go? Go is a newer modern programming language developed by Google. The popularity of the language has been increasing in recent times as companies have adopted the language for having a robust set of libraries, in addition to it being easy to build simple, reliable and efficient software. Installing Go While you may…

How To Install LXDE GUI On Ubuntu 14.04

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Overview While most servers are operated solely via the command line, that is not for everyone. Some of us are more comfortable operating a server via a nice and simple graphic interface. Thankfully you can easily install the GUI and then remotely connect to it from your own computer. Install Prerequisites Before we begin the…