It looks like the network of our dallas location has dropped. We are contacting our upstream to see what is wrong.

Update (7/8/2016 - 6:43PM EST): Network appears to be back. Will update this when we get the official RFO

Updated with RFO:

RFO Dallas #2, 07/06/2016 5:16 PM CST

An intentional change to MTU size was made to core uplink interfaces on our network to optimize performance. During this change, multiple aggregate interfaces did not come back online properly due to an apparent Junos bug. The AEs were held down for approximately 12 minutes, causing the loss of BGP sessions from both cores to both routers. Once the links were forced up the BGP sessions also came online. We then worked with providers to make sure that dampening was not affecting prefixes being announced. It then took between 5 and 15 minutes for routes to propagate to different networks globally.

We apologize for the inconvenience and do not expect any further issues.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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