Ubuntu 16.04 Template Added

As many people requested. A template for ubuntu 16.04 has been added for the VDRs

22nd May 2016
[COMPLETED] dal1 emergency reboot

node dal1 had to be rebooted due to an issue with a process hanging on the server. Will update this announcement once it is complete

vms on the node should now be coming back up within the next few minutes

4th May 2016
[COMPLETED] sea6 emergency reboot

node sea6 is going through an emergency reboot. This ticket will be updated once it is complete
Node reboot completed.

We believe we found the issue, kernel related. We made a change to the kernel and are rebooting the node once more.
reboot complete. Servers coming back up

26th Apr 2016
[SOLVED] nyc1 down

we are aware of issues with nyc1. It is being looked intoUpdate: It appears to have come backup. We will post more information the cause when we have it.Update 2: It appears to have been caused by the adding of an additional bandwidth uplink at our data center. The routes changed and it took a few minutes for them to move over which caused some ... Read More »

18th Apr 2016
[SOLVED] Vm Creation Disabled

We have temporarily disabled creation of new vms due to a found bug in our panel. We have contacted our developer and hope to have this resolved shortly. Will update this post when we know more.

We believe this to have been solved and have enabled vm creation once more.

21st Mar 2016
[COMPLETED] sea2 emergency reboot

Our sea2 node will be going down briefly for a reboot to solve a problem.

This has been completed. All vms should be coming back online

27th Feb 2016
[COMPLETED] Shared Node reboots

We will be performing an emergency reboot of all our shared servers to patch a new linux exploit that was released. There should be only minimal downtime of a few minutes.

Update: All servers are now back online

17th Feb 2016
dal1.impactshared.com hostname change

We will be changing the hostname of dal1.impactshared.com to a new hostname to be more whitelabeled. Email will be sent out with the new hostname. 

You can still connect using the old details but you may get an SSL error.

24th Jan 2016
[RESOLVED] sea3 interuption

It appears the node sea3 is currently down. We are looking into the issue now.

Update: Rebooting the node
Update: All VMs should be coming up now

23rd Jan 2016
Upcoming BIlling System Maintenance

Our bililng system may be unavailable for brief periods of time on Monday the 17th as we working upgrading our billing system.

17th Jan 2016