Increased Support Response Time

due to some scheduling issues, the week of June 26-July 2nd, you may experience an increased wait in support response times

26th Jun 2016
[SOLVED] sea3 down

Node sea3 seems to be having a network issue. It is being looked into now

update: rebooting node now
Update2: machine is now running a fsck
Update3 (11:44pm EST): Sorry for this taking longer than expected. We ran into some KVM issues.

Vms should be starting again.

If you notice any issues please open a ticket and let us know.

15th Jun 2016
[COMPLETED] seastorage1 reboot

the node seastorage1 is going down for a brief reboot. A lockup issue came up and a reboot is required to fix it.

Downtime should at max be a few minutes

Update; reboot completed. vms coming back online

11th Jun 2016
[RESOLVED] dal1 shared server Connectivity Issues

There appears to be an ongoing attack against a site on this server. Working on mitigating it.

Update: Sites should be coming back online

3rd Jun 2016