[SOLVED] sea6 down

looks like sea6 is down again. We understand this issue has been recurring and annoying for you many of you, the exact cause has been difficult to determine.

VMs should be booting again. If yours is not yet online boot it manually in the client area.

25th Jul 2016
[SOLVED] sea6 down

Sea6 appears to be pinging but not functioning. Working on this now.

Update: Appears to be hung, rebooting
Update: node rebooted and vms are now booting one at a time. If your vm is not currently online you can boot it manually in the client area.

16th Jul 2016
[SOLVED] sea6 down

Investigating vms on node sea6 pinging but not being responsive.

UPDATE: Node appears to have hung and is not responsive. Will be rebooting node.
UPDATE 2: Node is rebooted and vms are slowing coming back online

13th Jul 2016
[SOLVED] Dallas Down

It looks like the network of our dallas location has dropped. We are contacting our upstream to see what is wrong.Update (7/8/2016 - 6:43PM EST): Network appears to be back. Will update this when we get the official RFOUpdated with RFO: RFO Dallas #2, 07/06/2016 5:16 PM CST An intentional change to MTU size was made to core uplink interfaces on ... Read More »

6th Jul 2016